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BUSH – It’s time to feel like a president with your new Englander Bush Firm Mattress. This mattress has multiple luxurious layers of soft and firm HR poly foam to help ensure the richest sleep each night. With thick heavy foam encasing the inside to protect the response coil spring system, you are sure to have a restful sleep.

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If you’re in need of better sleep while out camping in the RV, try the Eastman House Bush Firm RV Mattress! With the Eastman House being in business since 1866, you’re almost guaranteed a good night’s sleep. How? This is done with the Alternating Response Coil system, which eliminates disturbances from people rolling in and out of the bed. No more waking up to your partner needing to go to the bathroom, or the kids jumping in to enjoy some morning family time. With its multi-needle quilt design and posturized lumbar support, you are able to get rejuvenated and ready for all your outdoor activities.


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